Parodies of the LMFAO hit 'Sexy And I Know It' were all the rage earlier this year. They fizzled out, as these things tend to. But now they're back -- thanks to the Mars Curiosity landing.

'We're NASA And We Know it' is sung by, who else, the NASA Mohawk guy. (Or, rather, one of the comedians of 'Satire" playing the scientist with the famous haircut.)

"Crane lower that rover," he sings, over footage of the landing. "And when I raise the mast/Panoramic views are unsurpassed," is just one of the parody's many clever lyrics.

The song also includes shout-outs to space legends Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson.

NASA is seeming rather self-confident these days, thanks to Curiosity. Dare we even say sexy?

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