During the '50s and '60s, 'Watch Mr. Wizard' was a highly-rated show that taught an entire generation of children the wonders of science. In 1983, the show's creator and host Don Herbert brought the educational series back as 'Mr. Wizard's World,' which ran on Nickelodeon until 1990.

While Herbert was still dropping the scientific knowledge in Mr. Wizard's second incarnation, it seems old age had led him to adopt a sort of "get off my lawn'" attitude towards the kids who appeared alongside him. In other words, the dude could be a flat-out jerk.

Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster realized this, and created the hilarious supercut of Herbert's caustic condescension below.

Upon seeing how Herbert treated his young sidekicks, it's a wonder kids everywhere didn't give up on science altogether. Granted, some of the clips are humorously taken out of context. But there aren't too many situations in which telling a little girl you are going to put her head on a platter means something warm and fuzzy.

Ultimately, we think the tightness of Herbert's V-neck sweaters are to blame for his geriatric grumpiness. His kids show counterpart Mr. Rogers wore a much less restricting cardigan and couldn't have been more pleasant.

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