Gross fact of the day: if you stick a mouse in Mountain Dew it will dissolve into a "jelly-like substance."

Lawyers for PepsiCo, which makes Mountain Dew, were forced to concede this most unappetizing of facts in a court of law as they contested a $50,000 suit from Ronald Ball of Wisconsin, who claims he found a dead rodent in his Mountain Dew can mid-sip.

Not so, says PepsiCo, arguing that by the time their product reaches the market its potent green mix of sugar, caffeine and "extreme" attitude would have liquified any varmint beyond recognition.

Perhaps it's time for Mountain Dew to change its slogan. "Mountain Dew -- when you have to stay up all night studying. Or dispose of your roommate's body after hacking him to pieces. Do the Dew!"

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