And surely you remember these cartoons as well...

  • 11

    'Biker Mice From Mars'

    Yeah, that's an anthropomorphic mouse from Mars on a motorcycle clotheslining a guy. We're overwhelmed by the awesomeness as well.

  • 12

    'Mutant League'

    It's okay to admit that you thought this was like the best animation ever when you were a kid.

  • 13

    'Wish Kid'

    You might think that 'Wish Kid,' with its magic baseball glove, is a ripoff of 'Hammertime,' but that's not the case. Oddly enough, the two shows debuted within one week of each other in 1991. But only one featured the voice of Macaulay Culkin. (Not 'Hammerman.' Obviously.)

  • 14

    'Street Sharks'

    Remember 'Street Sharks'? They were totally "jawesome." And don't say they were just like the Ninja Turtles, because they freaking hated pizza.

  • 15

    'Pepper Ann'

    Why does this theme even ask the question? Everyone knows Pepper Ann is the coolest.

  • 16

    'Toxic Crusaders'

    At the time we didn't realize it, but how awesome is it that Troma had a Saturday morning cartoon on Fox? Sure, it was basically a grosser 'Captain Planet,' but it's still weird all the same.

  • 17

    'Where's Waldo?'

    If there's one thing we will never forgive 'Saved by the Bell' for, it's running 'Where's Waldo?' into the ground. There were freaking Where's Waldo? puzzles in the show. AGH!

  • 18

    'Extreme Ghostbusters'

    Considering the fact that this was a sequel to a cartoon that was based on a movie, 'Extreme Ghostbusters' was still totally awesome despite the fact that the only Ghostbuster who bothered to show up was Egon.

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    Don't mind us, we're just drowning in waves of nostalgia over here.

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    It's totally okay if you're crying right now. Just say you accidentally pepper sprayed yourself. That's what we do.