Have art critics gone bananas by dubbing a monkey the "next big thing"?  Pockets Warhol (yes, really), named after the famed pop artist Andy Warhol for his wily white hair, has been making some unique abstract portraits that the art world is -- wait for it -- going "ape" for. 

The catch is that Pockets uses his body to blotch paint onto the canvas instead of a brush. The Toronto-based monkey artist was originally given some paints to bide his time while in ill health. Despite his youth and short attention span, he continued to create even after the sickness subsided.

Even stranger, Pockets' paintings have sold anywhere between $25 t0 $300 to suckers discerning art collectors. This monkey could very well be the next DuChimp!

Check out some of our favorite Pockets Warhol originals below.

Pockets Warhol's Facebook Page

[via Oddity Central]