Moms do a lot for us. Even after we are no longer their responsibility, they are still doing things for us that we take for granted. We should be celebrating these great ladies every single day of the year, not just on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the time for pretending that preparing breakfast for mom while making a huge mess in the kitchen is a good idea. It’s a time for gluing colored pasta onto construction paper and calling it a gift. And, apparently, it’s a time for making big announcements and surprising moms to the point of dazed speechlessness.

After seeing some of these Mother’s Day surprise videos, it becomes clear that while we should celebrate our mothers every day, perhaps we should not have Mother’s Day every day. I don’t think our moms’ hearts could handle the shock and over-abundance of cuteness. But even so, perhaps these videos can give you some ideas for this year.

Help Around the House Coupons

Moms do tons of stuff around the house to make sure we have a comfortable place to live and stay well-fed. Sometimes, on Mother’s Day, it’s nice to offer Mom help with all of that thankless housework. This little girl really tries to do her part to make sure her mom knows how much she appreciates her.

Private Concert With “Keith Urban”

What do you do when you can’t take Mom to a concert by her favorite artist? You bring that concert to her. These girls treat their mother to a private show in her own home by one of her favorite singers. Well, by someone who looks a little bit like one of her favorite singers, at least.

A Surprise Visit

Moms don’t like to be away from their children, but as kids grow up, they move away from home and can’t always come back to visit. Many a good Mother’s Day surprise was hatched by kids sneaking home to shock their mothers with an unexpected visit. Who knew that all you had to give Mom for Mother’s Day was you?

Don't Just Visit, Move Closer to Mom

Of course, sometimes just visiting Mom isn’t enough. If you really want to make her Mother’s Day the best ever, pack up everything, relocate and by a house close to her without her knowing. Then, invite her over and see what happens. Just make sure she doesn’t think this means you’ll do all her yard work for her.

A Baby Is the Best Gift

While everyone else is giving their moms flowers and breakfast in bed, the kids who really love their moms are announcing that they’re going to give them grandbabies. Moms love getting babies for Mother’s Day. You just have to make sure you take the babies with you when you leave.

Seriously, They Love Baby News

We can’t stress this enough. You don’t have to get your mother anything else for Mother’s Day if you happen to have a copy of a photograph from an ultrasound. They love that. Flowers schmowers. Make that woman a baby she can spoil.

Sometimes, a Hotrod Will Do

What do you get the woman who has everything? Well, you find the sweet ride that she’s had in storage for decades, get it running again and then give it to her as a surprise. This grandma gets a most unexpected surprise when her ’66 Mustang pulls up, purring and ready to roll, after many years of slumber.

Spoiler Alert

These surprises can be a lot for Mom to take. People showing up out of the blue. Couples announcing that grandchildren are on the way. Celebrity serenades. All of this excitement can really upset Mom and maybe send her over the edge. This little girl only had her mom’s best interests at heart when she warned her about the surprise she would receive on Mother’s Day, so that the shock would not be too much for her.

A Song From the Heart

Moms love it when you give them gifts from your heart. Even if your heart is full of snarky comments and jabs at her ability to create interesting dinner menus. Kyle wrote a song for his mother, which she seems to enjoy despite the fun it pokes at her. He makes up for it in the end and his mom ends up with a unique Mother’s Day gift she can always cherish.

Moms Like Rap Songs Too

If rap is more your style, that works too. These little girls have a rap for their mom every year, and we’re guessing she loves every one. You can see how the tradition started and why she probably looks forward to what new song she’ll get next, although it seems like they’re getting pretty hard to top.

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