As the 2012 presidential race continues to heat up, voters are paying close attention to all the candidates (we're hoping), even how they react to Mother's Day. To celebrate moms everywhere (and in an effort to snag your future votes), President Barack Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney both released video tributes to honor the most important women in their lives.

For Obama, this meant highlighting everything his mom, grandmother and his wife Michelle Obama has done for him and his family. "Michelle is the best mom I know," he says, before pulling at your heart strings with heartwarming photos of Michelle and his two daughters. "I'd like to say that I had something to do with [raising my girls], but I think in fairness I gotta give her most of the credit."

Watch the Obama Campaign's Mother's Day Tribute Video

Mitt Romney's took a different approach to Mother's Day and decided to focus on one mom in particular -- Mrs. Ann Romney. Each of the five Romney sons sat down in front of a camera to remember all the reasons why they love their mom. While the family stories of scarfing down marshmallow fluff and making pancakes will make you laugh, the admiration each of them have for their mom overcoming cancer and multiple sclerosis might make you tear up.

Watch the Romney Compaign's Mother's Day Tribute Video

So, which one made you cry the most?

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