'Modern Family' is a fairly traditional sitcom in that it hasn't broached the topic of psychotic killer clowns terrorizing neighborhoods.

However the ABC show did introduce Fizbo he Clown back in 2009.

While Fizbo -- who is actually Eric Stonestreet's Cameron character in old-timey clown makeup -- was well intentioned, his antics actually did get somebody sent to the hospital.

Playing off that episode, ABC has released a Halloween-themed mock horror trailer for the movie 'Fizbo The Clown."

"I will twist you like a balloon animal," Fizbo menaces.

"So scared," says Ty Burrell's Phil Dunphry character as the camera shakes.

"Trick or die," reads the film's tagline.

Fizbo is based on Stonestreet's real life experiences as a clown. In fact, the clown clothes you see are what Stonestreet wore when he was performing as a clown. Pretty creepy!