Early in December, 23-year-old model Lauren Scruggs stepped in front of a propeller plane while the propeller was still spinning. In that instant, her life changed forever. The Texas model and blogger lost her left eye in the accident, but was recently seen in public last week with her prosthetic eye for the first time.

Scruggs was fitted with the prosthetic eye early in February, but just recently received it. She has been back at work at her online magazine for several weeks and has been tweeting photos of herself with family and friends at events without the prosthesis. Last Thursday was the public’s first glimpse of her with her new eye.

After taking a flying tour of holiday lights in Dallas, the model walked in front of the Aviat Husky plane while its propeller was still moving. In the accident, Scruggs also lost part of her left arm and suffered a broken collar bone, fractured skull and brain injuries.

She will also be fitted with a prosthetic arm. Her family updates her progress on a blog at CaringBridge.com.