If you've ever wondered what being a senior citizen feels like, wonder no more. Thanks to researchers at MIT's AgeLab, you can don a suit that will mimic many of the physical effects of an average 70-year-old body. Well, not Betty White's. That woman is unstoppable.

The suit, dubbed AGNES -- an acronym for 'Age Gain Now Empathy System' -- uses various braces, bands, and other techniques to limit wearers' mobility, thus providing insight into an older person's daily plights.

The project's official website says the suit also incorporates things like yellow glasses to simulate age-related sight difficulties, earplugs to make it harder to determine high-pitched sounds from softer tones, and special shoes to simulate a feeling of unbalance.

The suit was created to give product designers, engineers, and architects special insight into how the elderly will most commonly experience their work. Take a look at the amazing invention in action below.

[via Newser]