The internet is abuzz with the news that doctors found what looks like the face of a man in pain while scanning a patient's testicular tumor -- and rightly so, because it isn't every day you find a nose, mouthand pair of eyes in an unexpected location.

But even if this is the first time doctors have seen a face in someone's testicle (we hope), that doesn't mean they haven't shown up in some other odd places -- and sometimes they're even famous faces. Take a look at just five of the many examples of this bizarre phenomenon:

Elvis Beetle

Elvis' Face Shows Up on a Bug
Amateur photographer Winston Jansen stumbled across this stunning resemblance on a trip through the rain forest in Singapore. No word on whether it asked for a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.

ET Stump

E.T. Phones a Tree Stump
Yes, we know E.T. isn't real. Presumably, so did the retired couple who found his face staring back at them while chopping firewood one afternoon, but that didn't stop them from making headlines. Pete Burford, who made the find with his wife Sylvia, told reporters, "It's probably just one of those things, but it so looks like E.T. I couldn't believe it." Neither can we, Pete. Neither can we.

Jesus Chair

Our Savior of the Holy Rocking Chair
Jesus is a pretty popular guy, so it stands to reason that his face has popped up in all kinds of places over the years -- there's even a whole website dedicated to them. Last summer, an Orange County couple added their deck furniture to the list when they discovered their very own backyard Jesus hiding in an old rocking chair. Hallelujah! Pass the lemonade.

Testicle Tumor Face

Screaming Face in Testicle Tumor
Doctors at Queen's University in Kingston, ONT were stunned when they came across what looked to be a face in the throes of agony in an ultrasound of a large testicular growth. Some speculated it was Min, the Egyptian God of fertility. Hopefully Canada's health care system covers Egyptian God-face removals.

Jacko Tree

Michael Jackson's Face in a Tree
The King of Pop's untimely death left a lot of people shaken up, and his musical legacy remains as strong as ever. Clearly he's never far from the minds of fans like Felix Garcia, who discovered Jackson's face staring back at him from the severed limb of a tree in Stockton, CA. "I was standing by that bush, and I looked up and saw that image here," Garcia told reporters. "I walked up to it, and I said, man, this looks like Michael Jackson." But did it "moonwalk"? Now that would be creepy.