Minor league baseball is known for fun, out-of-the-(batter's)-box promotions. And this one lived up to the hype.

It was GTE's "Relatively Large Appliance Race" last week at a West Michigan Whitecaps game. It featured three kids, one dressed as a dryer, one dressed as an oven range and one dressed as a water heater. If dressing up as an appliance doesn't remind you of your days as a youth then you're just not an American.

The race was a pure mess. The range was the first to fall, but he most certainly would not be the last.

The dryer was the next to take a tumble, so you figure the hot water heater can just coast to victory, right? Not so fast. All three boys collided and the heater fell down, along with the dryer, putting the range in prime position to claim victory.

But then -- DISASTER! The range collapsed just shy of the finish line, enabling the dryer to win a very muddled race and give everyone a very good laugh.