Well, this is certainly an unconventional message to send during a graduation speech.

Dirty Jobs star Mike Rowe recently gave the commencement speech for online college Prager University in which he reminded graduates they're better served not trying to make a living doing what they love.

Yeah, that's hardly the kind of wisdom you'd expect from a graduation speech, right?

Citing the example of American Idol and the scores of untalented people who were stunned when they were turned away, Rowe, who is aiming to bring a sense of realism to his soapbox, states that passion and ability do not work in conjunction.

He then continues to be the Scrooge of vocational wisdom by declaring dream jobs are really jobs that are imaginary and they hold you back from finding a real career and developing a true passion for the work you currently do. In essence, we should focus on opportunities while letting go of those pipe dreams we all have. If that isn't a "win one for the Gipper" speech, what is?

Rowe seems to practice what he preaches. There's no way anyone can be too passionate about giving a graduation speech without a cap and gown on video to an online college who's mascot is probably the "Backspace" key while wearing a ball cap and Henley shirt.

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