Here's a "thriller" of a tale. A Chicago man exercised "human nature" by placing his car windshield up for auction after bird droppings on it resembled the visage of the late Prince of Pop Michael Jackson. Mama say what now?

Brandon Tudor, 29, an Oswego based salesman and father of three said he was driving along the freeway Wednesday when bird droppings hit the windshield of his car and made the fateful splatter.

Apparently the "uncanny" resemblance was immediate, but once it hardened Tudor claims that, "not one person who has seen it doesn't agree that it looks like Michael Jackson." For safe keeping the windshield was subsequently wrapped in plastic and the car was parked in a garage.

While this might make us "scream," the opening bid was placed at $500 and no one could "beat it." Sadly, the auction has now ended. But you can get a closer look at the MJ bird droppings below and tell us if it looks like the King of Pop...or the King of Poop. (We're very, very sorry.)

Michael Jackson Droppings