Meryl Streep may be considered the best actress of her generation, but when it comes to the Academy Awards she's also a fourteen-time loser.

And it was generally expected that the 62-year old, who was nominated  for Best Actress for 'The Iron Lady' at this year's Oscars, would come up short a fifteenth time, with the smart money on 'The Helps''s Viola Davis winning that coveted award. However, as we all know, on Sunday night Streep collected her third Academy Award, her first since her 1982 win for 'Sophie's Choice.'

Her acceptance speech, in which she started out by saying that when she heard her name called she "could hear half of America going 'oh no' . . .", was typical Streep.  A bit of false modesty, a pinch of blasé, but ultimately thoughtful and appropriate. (Watch it below.)

In fact, when we watched Streep accept the honor, we couldn't help but think of the wonderful impression 'Saturday Night Live''s  Abby Elliott does of her.

In this clip, from 2010, Elliott's Streep tells Weekend Update's Seth Meyers about how she's not sure if she is a very good actress. Then, she gives Meyers some hummus, which she also doubts is good. Of course the hummus is actually excellent, and the punchline comes when the spread is awarded the Oscar for Best Hummus. Now that Streep is back in the news with her third real Oscar, hopefully we will be seeing Elliott's spot on impression of the acting legend on this week's SNL. Check it out below. Elliott even nails Streep's signature movie wardrobe of a frumpy sweater and librarian glasses.