Merida, the heroine from 'Brave,' was officially proclaimed the 11th Disney Princess. But instead of celebrating, people got angry.

Fans were happy to see Merida being recognized as an official Disney princess because of her independent nature and un-Disney princess looks. Or they would have been, if Disney hadn't redesigned Merida and taken those things away before naming her a princess. Seriously. They even took away her bow and arrow.

In addition to her weaponry, they also shrank her waist, made her lips fuller, changed the shape of her eyes, added makeup, tamed her hair and made her dress more low-cut and sparkly. So yeah, people were angry.

A petition on to "keep Merida brave" currently has over 200,000 signatures. Although Disney has pulled the Merida redesign from their website, the creators of the petition, 'A Mighty Girl,' are trying to get at least 300,000 signatures with the hope that it will persuade Disney not to make Merida merchandise look like the redesign now that she's an official Disney Princess.

If you also feel that Disney making Merida merchandise that looks like the redesign would take a positive role model away from girls, and also send them a negative message about what women have to conform to in order to be "beautiful," you can sign the petition right here. Keep Merida brave!

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