Man's best friend could very well just be man.

Britain's Channel 4 recently aired a special called Secret Life of the Human Pups, which examines a subculture of men who dress and live like dogs (which provides a nice contrast to this woman who believes she's a cat).

One man, Tom Peters, became so ingrained in the life that it cost him his relationship with his fiancee. He eventually moved on to a relationship with another man.

Peters discussed his fascination on a British talk show, explaining living as a dog is a means of escape.

Another man who has embraced the dog life says, "You are trying to grasp the positive elements of the archetype of the dog; the loyal companion. Some pups are solo, of course, but for me the puppy identity is focused on the bond between me and Sidney, my handler. I’ve been collared to him for 10 years. If anyone comes near him I growl like a little bull terrier. And I’m a people-pleaser in my human life. I get a great deal of pleasure from making other people happy."