Bad news for fans of the porky substance that is McDonald's McRib sandwich. Instead of being sold beginning on October 22nd, as was initially planned, the limited time offering won't hit markets until late December. Bah humbug!

The reason for the switch is that last year McDonald's saw a 9.8% raise in December sales, thanks to unseasonably warm weather. For the sake of corporate confidence, the golden arches doesn't want December 2012 numbers to drop too much, thus the end of year release for the always popular McRib.

Taking the McRibs place on Mickey D's autumn menu will be a Cheddar Bacon Onion Angus burger and its chicken equivalent. We know, it's just not the same.

Is that enough to adjust your Halloween plans to include a trip to McDonald's? If not, you can always go over to Burger King. We have yet to try their new Bacon Sundae, but from the looks of this video it may rival the McRib for intensity of flavor explosion.