It's a grim fact of reality that fast food never looks as good as it does in commercials. So how do restaurants manage this photographic sleight of hand? This behind-the-scenes video of a McDonald's photo shoot has all the answers.

Here, a Quarter Pounder is meticulously crafted by a "food stylist" who takes great care arranging the buns, patty, cheese, pickles and onions layer by layer. He even melts the cheese in strategic areas with a palette knife and surgically injects ketchup using a syringe. Doesn't that sound tasty?

Later, the image goes to a designer who digitally removes bun imperfections and tweaks colors in an effort to make the burger look "more convincing."

In the end, we're left with something that looks decidedly delicious and juicy. (Or, in other words, nothing like the sad-looking sandwiches that are actually served to customers.) Are you still loving it?

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