'Mass Effect 3,' the third installment in the critically acclaimed sci-fi video game franchise, promised a "definitive conclusion" for the series' user-generated protagonist Commander Shepard. And although 'ME3' only came out last week, apparently enough gamers have gotten to the end of the game fast enough to conclude that its conclusion stinks.

According to disgruntled 'Mass Effect' fans, there are three possible outcomes for Shepard, and they are all gloomy. As well as wanting an opportunity for a more positive send-off for Shepard, there are complaints that the outcomes aren't as influenced by the gameplay as they should be. Fans have naturally taken to social media to voice their disappointment, resulting in the over 21,000 fans strong "Demand a better ending to Mass Effect 3" Facebook page. A statement on the page reads:

"'Mass Effect 3' is a great game until the last few minutes; they destroy everything fans have been playing for in the past 5 years..."

#RetakeMassEffect has also become one of the more popular hashtags on Twitter over the past couple days. And a poll on ME3 developer BioWare's social media page is running about 10 to one in favor of a new ending.

So do you think BioWare should change the ending by releasing a downloadable update or patch? Or would that be as ridiculous as shows like 'Seinfeld' or 'The Sopranos' going back and changing their conclusions because fans didn't approve?

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