In a move that will probably delight and disgust convenience store shoppers at the same time, 7-11 has begun offering mashed potatoes and gravy via a vending machine. Alas, the machines aren't available here in the US yet. As strange as it sounds, we'd probably be first on line if they were.

According to 7-11, Maggi mashed potato vending machines are quite popular overseas, particularly in Singapore. For the cost of a dollar, customers get a paper cup filled with mashed spuds and optional chicken gravy. Mmm!

In this video, a man actually tries the machine out. It quickly dispenses custardy-looking potato, then spits out a gloppy helping of gravy that seems far too hot to actually eat. "Yum," he says skeptically.

What do you think? Do mashed potatoes on tap sound tasty or gross?