Comedian Mark Malkoff is known for some pretty wacky stunts, but this time he had his mind on his money (and his money on his mind) -- he set out to stream 250 movies on Netflix in a month, with the goal of getting his per-movie cost down to just pennies.

He watched 60 films -- about 95 hours' worth -- in the first week alone, and got 'Dazed and Confused' star Jason London to stop by his apartment to rub his shoulders and provide a running commentary of the classic movie.

Then, tired of being cooped up at home, he ventured into the great outdoors, bringing along his iPhone to continue the marathon. That's when he somehow corralled actor Andrew McCarthy to sit in the park and watch 'St. Elmo's Fire' with him.

Thirty days after Malkoff began his experiment, he'd watched 252 films, averaging 13 hours a day and racking up a total of just over 404 hours of viewing time. Since he has a $7.95 unlimited-streaming plan on Netflix, that put his final per-movie cost at about three cents.

"Good thing there's unlimited Netflix streaming," he said. "Otherwise I would have had to subscribe to the 252 disc-at-a-time plan."

Watch the hijinx below, and then check out the entire list of what he watched.