It's March Madness once again, and you know what that means -- tons and tons of brackets on the internet.

Anyone can root for a 16th seeded team to finally pull off a Cinderella upset on a first-seeded team (we had to look that up), but what if you could actually DO something to help make it happen besides sacrificing chicken wings at a makeshift voodoo altar while watching the game? Here at TheFW, we’re putting the March Madness power in your hands.

We’ve got four different pop culture match-ups coming your way -- '90s Cartoons, Famous Internet Animals, Old-School Refreshments and Internet Memes. Each week we’ll let YOU, the reader, vote for your favorite in each category. Print out the ballot and play along with us as we see who takes it all.

Now who's ready for some old-school cartoons??

March Madness 90s Cartoons
Christine Gritmon

We’ve got quite a contest here. Although all of these great cartoon characters got their start in the 90s, many are still with us today. Will this give them a competitive advantage, or is nostalgia the greatest asset of all?

Which is the more formidable furry force – the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) or Babs & Buster Bunny? Does Dexter have anything in his laboratory that can compare to the Chemical X-enhanced Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles? Whose preteen angst is more relatable, Doug or Arnold? Does our inner 12-year-old boy prefer to giggle along with Beavis and Butt-head, or is he more in the mood for the biting satire of 'South Park'? And finally, which animated series superhero reigns supreme, Batman or Wolverine?

Vote below for your favorites now!