If this guy does electric work as a hobby, then he needs to find a new hobby.

This man and his wife decided to spruce up their house by doing some wiring. Big mistake. Two switches wound up operating one light, with one of them managing to make the light brighter.

As if that wasn't absurd enough, he somehow finagled things to the point where he could get a hairdryer to turn on a bathroom light.

Yup, this amateur electrician is not going to turning pro anytime soon.

At least they have a good sense of humor about this. Screwing up home improvement projects is usually a formula for couples arguing more intensely than they did while trying to figure out the color of the dress.

Here's a pro tip for this guy. Check out Angie's List. You're bound to find someone who can turn a light on without the oven turning on to bake. Just sayin'.