If pranks are an art form, then this YouTube user is a master. Josh Darrah freaks out his family and friends by wearing a wig made from his own hair in one of the most elaborate gags we've ever seen.

Darrah cuts off all his hair, which he's been growing for the past three years, and hot glues it to a wig. "Yes, slightly serial killer-ish," he admits. Then he visits family and friends while wearing the wig and tapes their reactions as he suddenly pulls it off.

Without fail, everyone is shocked. One woman screams at Darrah's sudden hair loss and he even frightens a small child. When they find out the wig is made from his own hair, most react with mild disgust and one woman loudly retches, which would be our reaction too.

Props to Darrah for showing an incredible amount of commitment to the gag. But, really, how could he possibly top this? Any suggestions?