Peter Shankman "had visions of steak in my head" when he waited for an airplane that was going to bring him from Tampa, Florida to Newark, New Jersey. So the investment guru sent out a sarcastic Tweet requesting the steak house chain Morton's meet him in the Newark airport in two hours with a porterhouse -- and to his surprise, they obliged!

While Shankman didn't think he was actually ordering up a meal, when his plane touched down in New Jersey he was met by a tuxedoed Morton's waiter and the requested cut of meat from the restaurant, which sits nearly 20 miles away from the airport.

Shankman isn't just any Twitter user -- he has a verified account with over 100,000 followers and has mentioned his love for Morton's in the past. So don't expect this trick to work for every traveler.

Still, it's a much happier tale of social media in action than that of the woman kicked out of a restaurant for sending out a nasty tweet about the bartender.


[via Time]

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