If you were to make a list of the worst body parts to paint with, that list would probably begin with the tongue. Which is what makes Ani K., an art teacher in Kerala, India, so unique.

In fact, uniqueness is the very reason he paints with his tongue. Initially, Mr. K experimented with nose painting, but gave that up and shifted down the face when he found out that there already was a nose painter out there. "I'm always trying to do something different," he explained.

While we can't be entirely sure that Ani K. is the only tongue painter in the world, we have a feeling he is the only one who uses oil paints, which are highly toxic. He concedes that he initially suffered from "terrible headaches and nausea," but seems to have developed an immunity to the poison.

And, hey, what's a little puking when, as he put it, his unusual painting technique has garnered him "a lot of positive press from the local newspaper"?

As for the actual art, it's pretty good. Then again, we don't really have any other tongue painters to compare him to.