We see people holding hands all the time, with the assumption being that the pair know each other. But the pranksters of LAHWF have put a new twist on the gesture of physical intimacy by walking up to random folks and taking them by the hand. Check out the video results of this interesting sociological experiment.

In the past, LAHWF have performed similar stunts involving sitting next to random people and also high-fiving strangers. (Yup, they have very little shame.) But they seem to really hit their stride with this hand holding prank.

It turns out nothing bad is going to happen to you if you sidle on over and grab a stranger by the mitt. At worst you will get a confused stare, and at best a potential love connection.

We should mentioned that LAHWF's videos take place in Utah, which may be a friendlier place than most. So any re-creation of the prank is at your own risk.