Burger King Japan recently introduced a special where customers can add 15 strips of bacon to a burger for only 110 Yen ($1.24). One man took advantage of this artery-clogging promotion by adding a staggering 1,050 strips of bacon-y goodness to a Whopper. He has it his way and, before long, his stomach makes him regret it.

The video above shows the man carefully unwrapping the towering burger and then proceeding to attack it like it's his last meal. But before he gets halfway through, he starts to sweat uncontrollably and his pace slows considerably.

Eventually, the man cups his hand over his mouth in the universal sign for nausea and walks off camera to what we presume is the bathroom. Fortunately, the video stops there. (We don't need to see the aftermath. We can imagine.)

We love bacon as much as the next guy, but this might be overdoing it. What do you think? Does the sight of this burger/bacon stack make you hungry or green around the gills?

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