Anytime an alligator does anything, it's news.

There's the gator on the golf course, the one that's supersized, the one that's in a tree, the one tooling around with a human body in its mouth and the one that knocked on the front door.

So, yeah, these creatures are pretty well-versed at scaring us out of our tighty whities. Here's the latest: a man in Oldsmar, Fla. was caught on camera yanking an alligator out of a sewer.

John Ruel, who took the video, estimated  the gator measured nine feet long. He says the slithery fella got stuck and needed a trapper to help it.

Where will an alligator strike next? Who really knows? What we do know is that all you fine people in suburbia had better keep your eyes peeled because it sure seems like gators have a thing for the white picket life.

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