Remember the mall? That place where all the stores you could ever want were under one roof? Yeah, it was like getting into your car in order to travel to what we now call Amazon.

The Printemps mall in Shanghai, China has installed a rollicking 200-foot-long slide that allows shoppers to go from the fifth floor to the ground floor in 16 seconds. Want that Auntie Anne's pretzel, but stuck all the way upstairs at the Gap? Now, your hunger will be satisfied even quicker.

Dubbed the "Dragon Slide," only one person is allowed on the free attraction -- free to VIPS anyway, whatever a "VIP" is -- at a time and each rider must be three years old and at least three-and-a-half-feet tall.

Riding the slide does present the kind of hazards mall shoppers aren't used to seeing outside of trying to find a parking spot on Black Friday. People are encouraged to cross their arms to escape injury and one rider described the experience by saying, "I was really scared, because during those bends my hands felt numb. And then I came down; and more than that, I was scared, so how would children feel?"