In a display of longevity that most of us can only hope for, 92-year-old Rose Syracuse retired last week from her job in the accounting department at Macy's Department Store after a whopping 73 years. But here's the kicker -- she would kept on working, she said, if not for a recently-broken hip.

Syracuse began working for the company when she was a teenager. FDR was in office at the time, World War II was two years away and her salary was $15 a week. "When I was 17, I graduated high school and the first thing I did was I went to Macy’s for a job and it worked," she said.

Following a ceremony last week, Macy's CEO presented Syracuse with a bouquet of roses on bended knee, honoring her as the longest-serving employee in the company's history.

According to Syracuse, she would have kept on going, but broke her hip six months ago in a fall. Nevertheless, she isn't completely retiring and will continue to be involved with the store.

"We’ll make sure we keep her busy," said Robin Hall, senior vice president of Macy’s Parade. "We hope to find her a position and keep her busy because she wants to be engaged and involved." Here's hoping she keeps her employee discount.

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