If you're on a cruise, your biggest worry should be weather to play blackjack or go to the comedy club first. This? This shouldn't be something you have to deal with.

A man named Nate Zemanek was on a cruise when a worker happened to start doing his thing right outside his window. Seriously, it's loud and unless you live on the first floor of a New York City apartment, it's pretty unacceptable, let alone when you're out at sea.

Zemanek says he was charged an extra $600 for the window view, which wound up getting refunded because of the inconvenience. Unfortunately, he couldn't move rooms, although in addition to the refund, the ship gave him and his guest a bottle of champagne and treating them to a dinner.

And credit Zemanek for keeping his head up. Of the surprise noise pollution, he says, "This has not ruined our trip. We intend to have a blast and have another 2 weeks to do so."