The Brits may be known for being "prim and proper," but when it comes to the practically Draconian regulations surrounding Olympic advertising there are no rules to this game.

Even the words "London" and "Summer" have been banned from any advertiser who refuses to pay the costly sum of approximately $500 billion to the International Olympics Committee. There’s even an official "brand police" who will march the streets enforcing the ban.

Well, one shopkeeper has been doing just fine by running Olympic rings round the authorities in a bid to win Gold Medal for the most creative wordplay and misspellings he can come up with. He posted his efforts on Twitter. See a bigger version below.

Olympics Storefront

It’s so hilarious the London Olympics may well not be remembered for any sporting achievements but will instead forever be known as 2012: the Great Olympic Summer of Pun. In the words of the shopkeeper, welcome to "Lodnon 2102 Oimplycs"...

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