Though her personal choices have been -- how do we put this lightly? -- questionable over the last few years, nobody can deny that Lindsay Lohan has a pretty good sense of humor.

Which might be the reason why the 'Mean Girls' star agreed to sit down for an interview with Air New Zealand mascot, Rico, on the airline's series of web ads, 'On the Skycouch With Rico.'

Much of the interview involves the fanged puppet making failed passes at Lohan, but there are some clever moments. The best part comes at the very end, when Rico gives Lohan a necklace and a bracelet and declares, "Don’t worry it’s all paid for" - an obvious reference to her recent run-ins with the law.

Best of all, the interview marks a vast improvement from the last time Lohan appeared in an ad to plug the website (Yes, it's still just as bad as we remembered.)

Check out Lohan's interview with Rico below:


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