We're counting down the days to the May 4th release of 'The Avengers,' which is sure to be a blast. But a major blockbuster film release also means promotional tie-ins. Like with department store chain Target, who are now offering its shoppers a whole slew of 'Avengers' goodies. And what better way to 'target' their customers by dressing up little kids as the Avenger superheroes and letting their imagination run wild?

Check out this adorably awesome ad which sees (little) Hulk, (little) Thor, (little) Captain America and (little) Iron Man chase the evil villain Loki:

Questions may arise as to why Black Widow, the only female Avenger in the film, is missing from the ensemble. We could assume Target played it safe by not fitting a little girl dressed up in a black, leather body suit. Just because Scarlett Johansson wears one in the film as her costume, we think it would have been a tad inappropriate if Target sold a black tight suit for little girls.