Don't ask us how this became a thing, but we certainly love it. A Tumblr blog is gaining popularity and reuniting 'Law & Order' fans for its dedication to hosting screencaps of cast members eating. Screencaps of characters opening their mouths wide to stuff in burgers, hotdogs, and whatever else was the food of choice for these crime fighters back in the day.

Now, this is the original 'Law & Order' series from the '90s, so we're talking Sam Waterston and Benjamin Bratt and not the more recent 'SVU' spin-off. Still, it's amazing how the one thing viewers must have taken for granted when watching the show becomes the point of contention a decade later on the internet.

From pizza to Chinese takeout, if you missed the original 'Law & Order' and waited for the moment the cast got their own meme, here you go.

[Via Law-order-food, Tumblr]