A doctor in Laguna Beach, CA  has developed a 20-second procedure in which he can use a laser to burn away the melanin that makes person have brown eyes, permanently leaving them with blue eyes. Clearly the country standard  'Don't It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue' was way ahead of the curve. 

Doctor Greg Homer says he's been working on the technology for ten years, and testing suggests that it's safe. Although the procedure is over in less than a minute, it is does take two to three weeks before the patients will see the full results of the color change.

Homer estimates the surgery will cost about $5,000 and will be approved for use in the US by 2014. But if you're someone whose been desperately pining to see the world through blue eyes, it's estimated the procedure will start being offered in some foreign countries within 18 months. Learn more about this surprisingly simple eye color switcheroo below.

[via The Daily What]