Lana Del Rey needs all the friends she can get. While her good looks and sultry sound made the artist formally known Lizzy Grant the "It Girl" for a brief moment, her disastrous performance on 'Saturday Night Live' and the lukewarm at best reviews for her debut album 'Born To Die,' leave her in danger of becoming a punchline.

So perhaps that's what was behind the sly appeal she made to 'World of Warcraft' players during a recent interview with MTV.

The singer was asked about her favorite video game  -- a perfectly logical question when your hit single is called 'Video Games' -- and she answered that her least favorite is 'WOW' because, "It consumes every man in my life's life."

See what she did there? The sexy singer just told every male participant in the popular massively multiplayer role-playing game that they have a chance with her, given her history of dating only obsessive 'WOW' players.

Well played, Ms. Grant. Check out the interview below, where the sultry singer also reveals the only game she knows how to play.

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[via MTV]