We can never get enough of videos featuring adorably mismatched animal pairs at play.  (They're like Disney movies come to life.) And some of our favorite animal duos involve dogs and cats. Not only are they precious, but they defy the stereotype that when you put a cat and a dog together, they're bound to fight like, uh...how does that metaphor go again? Giraffes and sloths? Ants and anteaters? 

This latest feel-good video from man's two best friends features a St. Bernard named Abby and a kitten. Abby's owners found the kitty as a stray, and took him in. Abby immediately took a shine to the little fellow, and it wasn't long before the feline thought the dog was his mom.

Abby's owners were initially thinking of taking the kitty to the pound. But because he got along so well with Abby they ended up adopting him.

Check out  more of the pair in action below. Both videos are from almost two years ago, but the animals' owner reports dog and cat are still best friends. Now that's one happy ending.