Most of us have had an unusually mild winter, so having 'Kite Flying Day' in February doesn’t seem like that bad an idea. Any other year, and the annual return of Kite Flying Day on February 8th would seem sad for those of us who can’t go out and celebrate.

Kite flying is a popular pastime for many cultures, most of which hold festivals in the winter, because their climates will allow the traditionally summer activity. The hobby has grown in popularity in the US as well, although it might make more sense to have our Kite Flying Day in May or June.

If you remember flying a kite as a kid and most of the time just feeling lucky if you could get a kite in the air at all, then these unbelievable masters of the art of kite flying will renew your appreciation for a nice windy day.

The Dancing Kites

This kite flying champion can make these kites dance like they’re ballerinas and the sky is a dance floor.

Formation Kites

Keeping kites in the air and in formation without crashing or tangling looks easy, but it can’t possibly be.

Amazing Solo Kite Tricks

One man and five kites doesn’t seem like a fair fight, but he appears to be holding his own.

Trick Kites Freestyle

Recipe for perfect kite flying: beautiful day, amazing location, quality kite and mad trick skills.

Variety of Kites at an International Kite Festival in Ahmedabad

A vast array of gorgeous and interesting kites can be seen in this video at one of the most famous international kite festivals.

Kites in Flight at Night

Kites at night are just as impressive as kites during the day.

SOLO (Super Over Large Octopus) Kite

You wouldn’t want to look up and see this giant fella if you didn’t know what was going on.

Record 29 Kites on One Line

Setting kite records is not for the weak of heart. Or hand.

Realistic Eagle Kite

This simple kite seems so much like a real bird that even the seagulls are fooled and attack it.

Bicycle Kite

Is that a man on a bicycle riding through the air? Should we be hearing the witch’s theme from 'Wizard of Oz'?