North Korean leader Kim Jong-il may be dead from a heart attack at 69-years-old, but his certifiable status as a pop culture punchline lives on.

The notoriously brutal dictator has often been the butt of jokes in movies and TV shows, including 'Team America,' 'Saturday Night Live' and 'The Simpsons,' just to name a few. We've gathered five of the funniest examples of Kim's bizarre status as a pop culture icon below.

Kim Jong-il Sings 'I'm So Ronery,' 'Team America'

Kim hilariously chews the scenery as the antagonist in the puppet action flick 'Team America' by the creators of 'South Park.' In one of the funniest scenes, he sings about how lonely it can be as an iron-fisted supreme leader.

Kim Jong-il Kidnaps Jack Donaghy's Wife, '30 Rock'

In the fifth season of '30 Rock,' Kim was responsible for the kidnapping of Avery Jessup (Elizabeth Banks), a TV journalist and wife to Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). True to the oppressive North Korean regime, Jessup is re-educated and stars in a propaganda video, where Kim himself appears as a weatherman named "Johnny Mountains."

The Kim Jong-il Musical, 'The Simpsons'

On America's longest-running sitcom 'The Simpsons,' an ex-CIA agent voiced by Kiefer Sutherland reveals that he was held in a North Korean prison and forced to write a musical about the diminutive Kim called 'Being Short Is No Hindrance to Greatness.'

Horatio Sanz Plays Kim Jong-il, 'Saturday Night Live'

Kim (as played by Horatio Sanz) hijacks an episode of 'Saturday Night Live' and rails against America's "cowboy government" in a long, rambling statement. The best part? When Kim becomes uncharacteristically honest and admits that he's "quite completely insane" and is currently taking a staggering array of mood-stabilizing drugs.

Kim Jong-il Finds Love on eHarmony

Kim and his love match star in this commercial parody for eHarmony. Outwardly, Kim is lovestruck and dotes over his ideal mate. But behind-the-scenes, the dictator's brutal nature comes out. Even a tyrant is capable of love ... until you insult his accent.