Isn’t ice cream the best? We snag a scoop of Chunky Monkey or Mint Chocolate Cookie Dough and BAM! Our worries of the world are gone. It’s sugar magic at its finest. Even better is when kids get a hold of the tasty treat-- they’re in pure adorable bliss!

Fortunately, someone came up with the genius idea to film kids experiencing the creamy dessert deliciousness for the very first time. Most first-timers are babies who have chocolate smeared all over their faces (arguably the best way to eat ice cream) while they devour the stuff. There are also a few cute tots who have priceless reactions of surprise, excitement and pure delight after tasting the little spoonfuls from heaven. Then they proceed to shove the bowls up to their mouths and lick every last bit. Aww! Except, we're totally guilty of still doing that.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a pending date with Ben and Jerry.