Admit it-- you’ve definitely been caught once or twice passionately lip-synching in the car with awesome dance moves to match. In between drum solos, you catch the guy in the car next to you laughing his pants off at your antics, and you not-so-casually look away, pretending you were just swatting at the non-existent fly that’s hindering your driving skills. Rocking out in the car doesn’t have to be embarrassing; we just have to embrace the fact that we look completely ridiculous while doing so.

It turns out little kids like to do the same thing. Except, they wiggle in their car seats and take the whole belting out totally off key thing and turn it into a ridiculously cute performance!

From babies going gaga over Gaga to tots playing the air guitar half-asleep, check out our favorite videos of kids rocking out in their car seats.

'Juke Box Hero' Meets Juice Box Hero

Even before this kid rocks out, we can already sense he means business with that green lollipop and serious expression. He’s definitely in the zone. The little man starts off with some standard head nods right on beat with ‘Juke Box Hero’, and then…wait -- is he using that lolly as a mic?! Suddenly, super impressive lip-synching skills emerge, and all our past fake-mic attempts are put to complete and total shame. The kid’s a juicebox hero!

Here We Are Now, Kid, Entertain Us

Kids can get extra cranky if they’re woken up the wrong way, and apparently this little guy was often guilty of that, too. That is until his half brother and sister decided to try out a new way to wake up the pint-sized Nirvana fan -- they turned up the stereo while the tot was still in peaceful slumber. It only takes a few seconds for his hilarious half-asleep air drumming to begin as he slips into post-nap…well, nirvana.

Babyface Plus 'Poker Face'

This little boy is a mohawk-sporting, almost-too-cute munchkin, so before any jamming ensues, we’re already sucked into his adorableness. Now, he starts off knocking his head against the car seat to Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face.' Standard toddler behavior. But once the chorus plays, he belts out the background singer parts unlike any other one-year-old singing along to Lady Gaga we’ve ever seen! Hey Gaga-- any chance you’re looking to hire the cutest mini monster, complete with a baby faux-hawk?

Waka Flocka Vs. Nap

Say hello to the Waka Flocka kid. This little guy is hands down the coolest two-year-old we’ve ever seen. Ever. He’s just taking a cat nap next to his twin brother, when all of a sudden his aunt blares Waka Flocka on the radio. While still half-snoozin’, the smooth tot starts to feel the beat, and then...eyes wide open lip synching time! This tiny guy even has the whole awesome hand gesture thing down. The real question here is, how can we be more like this little rapping dude?

Bieber Baby

Our next backseat jammer comes in the form of yet another cooler-than-us toddler who’s rocking out to none other than Justin Bieber. This three-year-old proves to us that guys are Beliebers, too. Between the little guy’s impressive singing and his really awesome dance moves, he gives the real deal a run for his money. Just wait 10 years, and the ladies are going to L-O-V-E this kid! Except, we sort of already do.

'Baby' Baby

After the last video, we just couldn’t resist another toddler rendition of Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby.' This version is courtesy of a bow-clad little girl who shows us some sassy hand-waving action from the get-go. She dives right into her wiggling routine, and even though she's mostly strapped down by her car seat, we can definitely tell the kid has moves! Then the mini Belieber gets a little sleepy, but we can't blame her. A serious case of Bieber fever can take a lot out of you.

Tiny Adele Fan

At one point or another, we've all blasted Adele in our cars and failed miserably trying to belt out one of the Brit's beautiful tunes. Even though we've always butchered the songs, it's the passion that really matters. Young Brinley understands what we're talking about. See, the girl knows exactly how to approach an Adele chorus; you just have to close your eyes, hope for the best, and go for it with all your tiny might!

Toddler Gets Party Started

Our next kid definitely fits the bill of a true backseat rocker. She's boppin' around like there's no tomorrow to the Black Eyed Peas, although we wonder if this little girl had a few too many sugary cookies prior to this jam session. Either way, it's pretty impressive how much gusto she puts behind her "boom boom pow-ing." It also doesn't hurt that she's a major cutie patootie!

Baby Sings the Songs That Make the Whole World Sing

Once we discovered the existence of an adorable kid singing a Barry Manilow song, we knew he had to be awesome. Feast your eyes upon the cutest (and probably only) smooth oldies singer you will ever see. His soft-spoken rendition of the Manilow tune quickly turns into a serious performance, and we can't help but crack up at the kid's efforts! You know, it's just another day singing Barry Manilow after preschool lets out.

Lil' Michael Jackson Heals the World

Our last mini jammer hands down wins the award for most moving car seat performance. Between her
head-shaking while closing her eyes and passionate arm movements, this little girl has us feeling like we can really "HEAL THE WORLD!!" The little singer's enthusiasm doesn't waver, either. She can heal the world! We can heal the world! Let's all heal the world!