There's a lesson to be learned here for parents. When it comes to deals with your kids, leave social networking out of it. Dan Urbano didn't think his 7-year-old could get 1,000 likes on Facebook, and now he's had to get him and his sister a cat.

Dan got tired of his son, Remi, asking for a cat, so he promised him that if a picture of him and his sister could get 1,000 likes on Facebook, he would get them a kitty. It was a challenge they accepted. Here is the picture they used:

Marisa Papile Urbano, Facebook

Then the mom posted it to her Facebook page, saying "Dan thinks there is NO way we can do this. I say there is. Help us out. We really want a cat named Hairy Pawturrr. If you can’t like, shares. Shares count too! Thanks so much everyone!!"

The combination of adorable kids with the opportunity to prove somebody's husband wrong was too much for the internet to handle, and the photo now has over 118,000 likes. Their dad stayed true to his word, and they brought home an adopted kitty today. She's a girl, so they named her Hairyette Pawturrr instead. She's pretty adorable:

Marisa Papile Urbano, Facebook

We hope you've learned your lesson, parents.