If you've ever watched 'Jimmy Kimmel Live,' you know they have a segment where parents royally mess with their kids. It's some of the funniest content on the show, but part of us thinks it encourages parents everywhere to become gonzo filmmakers and potential 'Jackass' cast members.

It also leads us to believe that maybe parents and kids are in cahoots, staging these cute snippets from domestication. Take this video featuring a kid trying to retrieve his shoe from a laundry hamper (what is it doing in the hamper in the first place?) who gets stuck.

Seems pretty calm, right? Also seems like he's not really trying that hard to get out. Lightly waving your legs around isn't gonna get the job done, kid. We have a feeling this lil' bugger doesn't want to go to karate. We're on to you "Akiva" and "Akiva's Mom." Take your low grade, fake stunts elsewhere (like 'The View' or 'Ellen').