So it turns out there's a bit of a trade-off when adults decide to play like children -- it's significantly less adorable, but it's also way more surreal. Bored Shorts decided to record two kids pretending to be a salesman and a customer and reenact the scene using that audio. The result is holy cow, kids are crazy!

What seems like adorable pretend stuff when kids are saying it suddenly seems like a whole bunch of crazy nonsense when you see it actually happening. Is this the way they think people talk? It's almost as though they've never encountered a door-to-door salesman before. Do some research, kids. Also, where did this "salesman" get this penguin from? This whole enterprise seems shady. We wouldn't trust it for one second.

And kids do this all day. We're just glad we don't live in the world they've created -- penguins and bank robbers running around everywhere. It's madness! Madness!