Kids say the darndest things. Turns out, some of them are even good at putting those words down on a piece of paper. Like how a weatherman at a local TV station received a fan letter from a young student named Flint, after visiting his school. What Flint wrote has gotten the internet in a tizzy, just wondering how on Earth a kid like him could write something so hilariously strange. Check it out below. 

If you must know what a monkey wearing a tuxedo riding a unicorn with a space shuttle crashing into Mars looks like, the internet was quick to respond with a visual:

Since things like this seem to spring up every now and then, all thanks to the viral attention they get, some are questioning if the letter really was written by a kid. Surely the bizarre sense of humor must have come with some adult supervision. If not, rest assured Flint will grow up to be the 'ultra-lord' of internet humor.

Oh, you want to know what Flint drew at the back of the letter?

Quite 'marvelis' indeed.

[Via Happyplace]