You can laugh, but, come on, we've all been where this kid is.

This little boy is enjoying some time swimming at a pool, his fun is temporarily put on hold because he can't find the goggles that are on his head.

He's still at a loss, even when he's told where to look and even when he actually touches them, which only makes him more adorable. Eventually, he realizes they're right over his eyes, so he puts them back on and heads back to the water.

It's definitely funny, but more than that it's also relatable. Who among us can honestly say they've never run around their house in a total panic trying to find their keys because we're already late only to realize they're in our hands? We're boneheads when we make this kind of mistake as an adult. Kids can get away with it because they totally own the cuteness factor. Ahh, youth...

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