Like most four-year-olds, Malcolm wants to be like his dad. Pops is an experienced off-road bike rider and, in the video above, little Malcolm gets the chance to take on the difficult Hellion track at Highland Mountain Bike Park in Northfield, New Hampshire.

"I did it dad. I loved it," Malcolm, who is wearing a helmet camera with a microphone, says when he completes the first ramp.

"I can do it just the same that those guys do it," Malcolm repeats, amazed at his own ability to remain upright when he cycles around the course.

For nine minutes, Malcolm navigates the rough terrain, and provides an adorable running commentary on his achievement. "Oh yeah," he says, as his confidence grows and grows.

If you go to Malcolm's dad YouTube page, there are all sorts of videos dedicated to Malcolm learning how to ride a bike, and then taking on more and more difficult bike challenges.

So it's not like he was just dropped on the Highland Mountain track to see if he would sink or swim.

But he certainly did swim, and we expect more amazing videos from the little fellow in the future.

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